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This Category currently includes our best selling Principals of Closing and Notary Training Courses.

This course is the Minnesota State approved Closing Procedures/Loan Signing Agent Certification course that includes 8 hours of course study and the ability to print the closing manual. The final examination required by the State is INCLUDED in the course at no additional charge! No need to schedule your Closing Agent Licensing Final Exam with Pearson Vue or pay an additional fee because we've got you covered. The final exam does require a Proctor - a disinterested 3rd party (non-family member and/or individual with no financial interest), who signs a statement saying that you did not use books, notes, etc., to look up answers when taking the examination. Get started on your journey to becoming a Closing Agent/Loan Signing Agent today!


Here you will learn about the laws, rules, responsibilities, and standards of practice for being a commissioned notary public, as well as tips on how to handle various situations. This is a critical course for Minnesota notaries to understand their role, and limitations as a professional notary or signing agent.