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Land Records, Abstracting and Searching (National)

Learn the nuts and bolts of national land records – the real estate offices and indices and indices, key terms, state and federal real estate laws and the court systems. Identify public vs, private rights.  Learn name searching. Post and follow a chain of title grantor/grantee indices or by legal description.


All of our courses are self-paced, available 24/7 and are fully online! This primer course on national real estate laws addresses public and private rights, and transfers of title. While real estate law is governed by each respective state, there are many similar laws from state to state, and federal laws that affect all real estate transactions in the U.S.  Learn the state and federal court systems and how they handle real estate issues. We'll cover legal descriptions, necessary searches and offices where they are found. Piece by piece, we'll build a chain of title - what an abstractor is looking for, the various indices, and how to find missing links in the chain of title.